Dr Caiphus Gofhamodimo

Category: General Surgeon
Office 113 First Floor

Dr Caiphus Gofhamodimo General Surgeon
Dr Caiphus Gofhamodimo General Surgeon

Services offered:

- Endoscope (Gastroscope and Colonoscope): indications; heartburn, dyspepsia, difficulty swallowing, change of bowel habits, constipation, bleeding from rectum, unknown cause of low blood and loss of weight

- Hernia repairs (Inguinal and Abdominal wall hernias)

- Cancer surgeries/Surgical Oncology

- Haemorrhoids surgeries

- Cholecystectomy

- Thyroid surgery

- Lipoma and Soft tissue tumour excisions

- Lymph node biopsies

- Breast Surgery

- Acute Care surgery (Appendicectomy, perforated peptic ulcer repairs, Diabetic foot sepsis management, wound care, Bowel obstruction)

- Bariatric endoscope (insertion of gastric balloons for weight loss)

- Trauma surgery

- Insertion of dialysis access lines and peritoneal dialysis catheters

- Circumcisions

With Special Interest in:

- Endoscopy

- Hernia repairs

- Cancer surgery/Surgical oncology

- Acute Care and Trauma Surgery

Day theatre can be schedule for

o Endoscope

o Lipoma and soft tissue excisions

o Lymph node biopsies

o Haemorrhoid surgery

Business Hours:
Monday: to Friday 08:00 – 18:00

Working strictly on appointment, 

Payment options:

- Most major Medical aid accepted

- Cash accepted

- Card machine available

Contact Information:

Contact person: Dr Caiphus Gofhamodimo - - MBChB (Pret) FCS(SA)

Office: 0125656283 option 2

Cell: 0725804029

E-mail: ckgofha@gmail.com